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Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a dynamic and passionate spiritual leader, is impacting America by spreading the love of God and sharing her testimony with a new generation of believers.

A highly-respected leader and teacher, Pastor Sarah Omakwu has successfully taken her home church, Family Worship Center (FWC) in Abuja, Nigeria, to new heights following the passing of her beloved husband, Pastor Ina Omakwu. Her unique story has touched the hearts of many, and her determination and loyalty to the vision she shared with Pastor Ina has grown a humble congregation of just 47 members to over 8,000 people.

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“Pastor Sarah is one of the most inspiring, motivating and remarkable teachers of the Word in our generation,” says Damon Davis, founder and CEO of Legacy Worldwide. “Her articulation of biblical principles is delivered with clarity, simplicity and serves as a rifle-shot to the heart of matters people need help with most. I am convinced her message to help move families forward will be an encouragement to America and a ray of hope during these difficult times.”

Despite the growing civil and religious unrest in Nigeria between Christians and Muslims, Pastor Sarah has bridged a gap with faith and service, working with close to 100 other ministries and charities in Nigeria and across the world. She is a woman who can reach beyond the limits of cultural and religious division and form a sense of unity in her city, her country, and, now, in the international community.

This unity is formed by her shared love of Jesus Christ with many other believers across the world, and Pastor Sarah is bringing her ministry- Love Revolution- to America. With a great team behind her, Pastor Sarah is working with Legacy Worldwide, a highly respected advertising and media buying agency that offers services to a number of renown ministries, with names such as; Creflo Dollar, Gregory Dickow and Bishop Robson Rodovalho, stretching as far as Brazil. With an amazing team working behind her and a brand-new show entitled “Moving Forward with Sarah,” she is taking the American audience by storm with her humility, generosity of spirit, and passion for the Word of God.

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“Pastor Sarah has been a tremendous blessing to me,” says Tutu Aladesuru, a partner with Pastor Sarah’s ministry. “While I was at FWC, her life of integrity stood out to me. She keeps her word no matter what!”

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