I don’t know about y’all but I’m sending up some prayers, right now.  Actor Denzel Washington is reportedly sick with a ‘mysterious illness’, according to MSN.  Denzel was set to hostthe 100th Anniversary gala of the Boys & Girls Club Of America’s Mount Vernon, NY chapter when he was overcome with an illness just hours before the event.

Real talk, I hope it’s just a stomach virus or something simple because I don’t want to lose any more icons this year.  Or at least not for a while.  Not that I have control over it but if we lose Hollywood and musical greatness all at once, what are we left with? *Shudders at the thought*  Denzel was able to get a fellow iconic thespian to stand in his place for hosting duties.

Denzel called actor Danny Glover, who was able to stand in for him. We hope he has a speedy recovery!


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