Martha Munizzi‘s latest album Make It Loud showcases her lovable bold approach to gospel music, but the artist is sounding off in a new way as she has opened up about her troubled past that included sexual abuse.Known for hits like “Glorious,” “No Limits,” and her latest “Make It Loud,” the well known singer took to popular Christian television show “Lexi” to address another matter.

“Its time to be transparent,” were the words that Munizzi felt were those of the Holy Spirit leading her to talk about the difficulties she has experienced.

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“People are hurting. People want to know that your life isn’t perfect. Who do I help if everybody looks at me and thinks my life is perfect?”

Growing up in a Christian home, with both of her parents in ministry, young Martha lived a nice life. She even described it as feeling like “Narnia.” With a father that was a preacher and a song writer, and a twin sister that she used to harmonize with late into the night, she was a happy, normal child that loved her family, until someone close to her violated this trust and love.

“I’ve been through some trials, I’ve been through some tragedies, some issues in my life and its the reason I sing with passion…Its because of what I’ve been through and I still sing, I still worship God, I still love God.”

At the age of 7 years old, a trusted family member began molesting Martha, her sisters and several of her young female cousins. For Munizzi, the family member who, like her father, was also a preacher, was acting in a way that her young mind couldn’t process.

“I was blessed to not live in the same city, so it would only happen when we would visit but [it was] enough to really confuse a little girl to think, ok this a person that’s supposed to love me, one of the greatest relationships in my life and a family member and you’re supposed to love me.”

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