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We talked with Marvin Sapp about his new album, I Win, for our March/April 2012 issue.

We couldn’t include it all in the magazine, so we’re giving you more of the interview– right here, right now!

GT: What’s your favorite song on your new album, I Win?

Sapp: The title track, “I Win.” It’s not the first single, but I really think it is going to bless people. The lyrical content talks about decreeing and declaring that we win. It’s written by Brittney Wright, an unbelievable vocalist in her own right.GT: And you worked with your same “dream team” on it?

Sapp: Absolutely. Aaron Lindsey (producer), Myron Butler (vocal production), Joseph Burney (A&R at Verity) and me—we’re just an unbelievable team when it comes to music and how we work together. It’s like a hand to a glove. I love it.

GT: How do you balance your duties as a major recording artist with the practical demands of being a father?

Sapp: I have an incredible community that helps me. I maintain a connection with my kids’ teachers through something RenWeb, which is the most unbelievable thing given to a parent, but it’s hell for children. (laughs)

It enables me to remain connected to teachers, see grades, see when homework is not completed… they automatically send me email notifications about all of that. I can call my kids when assignments haven’t been done, or ask about a particular grade they received. It’s really helpful when I’m on the road.

Also, American Express has a service called One Pass. Intead of leaving cash, I can upload finances to their little credit card accounts and I can monitor their spending. When they spend $.99, it emails or texts me, letting me know what they bought and where. If I see it and don’t approve, I can call them up.

These tools don’t replace parenting– they just enable me to be a parent when I’m on the road. My kids enjoy that, I think. They might say they hate that Dad’s always in their business, but they really like it.

article courtesy of GospelToday.com

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