On Palm Sunday, the Pastor’s wife, LaVon Bracy took the stage at the New Covenant Baptist Church in Orlando and announced plans to participate in an effort by 50,000 black congregations nationwide to register 1 million voters by Easter Sunday. 

The mass-voter registration drive is headed by Rev. Jamal Bryant of Baltimore who is one of the black civil-rights leaders trying to transfer the injustice served in the Travyon Martin’s untimely death in to lasting action.

Although Bryant began organizing the drive prior to Trayvon’s shooting, the civil-rights activist has found new passion behind his drive, encouraging young black Americans to get more involved in the proceedings of their legal system.
Bryant estimates there are as many as 5 million unregistered voters in the pews of America’s black churches, not counting the others who don’t attend church. 

In addition to Bryant, other prominent civil-right figures are urging young people to vote. One of the newly registered voters, Reginald Willis, spoke to the Orlando Sentinel about Trayvon’s case and its link to voters: 

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