Forever JONES, the 7-member family band that hit the music scene back in 2010 with their debut album “Get Ready” via EMI Gospel is back with their follow up album “Musical Revival.” The Gospel Guru caught up with the Jones’ for a quick 7up session to discuss their forthcoming release “Musical Revival,” which is set to be released April 10th.

Their 11-song album, written entirely by the Jones family and produced by Keith Thomas is a diverse mix of Pop, Gospel, Rock, and Urban, unified by a seamless thread of worship. Trust me, “Musical Revival” is definitely an album you’ll want to add to your collection of GOOD music. Now sit back, relax, and get a bit of 7up with the Jones’. Below, for your listening pleasure is forever JONES‘ latest single “Every Moment.”

  1. Describe forever JONES in three words. Kim Jones: Family, loud, and fun.
  2. What was your inspiration for “Musical Revival?”Dominique Jones:  Honestly, we came together for this album, it was more of a collaborative project. We used whatever came to us, what the Lord would drop on us in that moment and presented it to the producer. I’d say all of the lyrics are very uplifting and encouraging, they all have the same theme to it…the God is for you type of theme.
  3. What was your most memorable experience during the making of “Musical Revival?”Dewitt Jones: Just being in the home of Keith Thomas, he’s a renowned producer…just being in his house for 10 or 11 straight days. Kim Jones: We actually weathered two tornadoes, we had to shut everything down and go straight to the basement. There were many tornadoes that came through.
  4. How did your collaboration with Keith Thomas come about? It came about because we were not able to connect with Tommy Sims. This guy kinda just came up and dropped in our lap, our manager knew him. It was something the Lord worked out, it was one of those divine moments when you know God is moving. Of course doing our sophomore album we were not that excited at first about working with someone else, we absolutely love Tommy Sims. It was a little scary, but we’re so glad we got this opportunity..Keith is amazing.
  5. What are some standout tracks on the new album?Dewitt Jones:Every Moment” really was a standout for us, I didn’t push for that song to be on the album….I think Dominique really pushed for that song to be there, she felt like it should be there. It was actually a song that came by way of a dear Pastor friend that actually financed our first cd. He struggled with cancer for several years, and eventually went on to heaven. It was one morning I had him on my heart, and the words were floating there just “You are every breathe I breathe in, you are every breathe I breathe out…” I text that to him, and we started singing it that morning in our 9:00 prayer time. Kim Jones: Right, and that first cd that he financed was the cd when the children were very young, not the “Get Ready” cd.

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