This will come as a surprise to approximately no one, but Michelle Obama was a total babe in high school. Proof? Her prom pic, which she gamely revealed to Ellen DeGeneres during a taping of the TV host’s show.

In the episode that will air today, Ellen and Michelle chatted via videocam with a group of teenage girls whose parents are in the military. As is common with Ellen’s show guests, three of the girls were given a gift: a $250 gift card to J.C. Penney (Ellen’s store of choice) that they can use for their upcoming proms.

And on the subject of proms… FLOTUS and Ellen decided to engage in a fantastic photo swap. First Ellen revealed her dress, a head-to-toe plaid creation that “was a tablecloth at one point,” joked the host.

Then came the big reveal: Michelle Robinson’s oh-so-Seventies prom dress, complete with a metallic gold jacket and a insanely sexy slit up the left side. This just in, people: Michelle Obama was “angelegging” way before Angelina Jolie came onto the scene.

“That split was a little high,” admitted Michelle as the high school girls cheered. “I don’t know if I’d let my kids go out in a split that high.” Although really, with all the thigh-high slits and sex appeal going on at proms these days, Michelle would fit right in.

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