‘Good Christian B*tches’ Blasphemes the Holy Spirit

Richard Land and the SBC need to get together and tell ABC to pull this show off the air.


GCB is full of Texas glitter, charm, wit… and a decent helping of good ol’ fashioned bitchiness. Now, a little angst and conflict is good for the soul, but when it’s served alongside a gaggle of bedazzled, vengeful southern belles hellbent on destroying your life, things can get complicated. And complicated in Dallas, Texas means sparkly smiles that aren’t so friendly and Bible verses that are laced with a little extra spice.
The central theme of GCB is “You reap what you sow,” and poor Amanda Vaughn, widowed mother of two, is experiencing just that as the girls she bullied in high school begin to come after her with fully extended (manicured) claws.

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