While many in the Christian community have voiced their thoughts on the tragic loss of Trayvon Martin, John P. Kee wants his chance to speak as well. Though the case has challenged many, especially Black Americans, because of its confrontation with race and stereotypes in America, John thinks the case touches on more than race.

As a father and pastor, this case hits home with John. Doing what he does best, he expressed his heart in a song entitled “It Could Have Been My Son.” Along with the song, he released a statement that more explicitly revealed his thoughts and intentions for the song.

“After hearing about the Trayvon Martin case my heart was saddened because of it’s senselessness! Many had concluded that it was a simple racial issue when in fact I believe it was also a gun issue!”

“For the last 5 years, I have worked tirelessly to take as many guns off the street as possible! We’ve not only been successful, to date we’ve removed more than the local law enforcement agencies. My passion for this comes from being able to witness the hundreds of young men of color killed daily on our streets.”

“Many of these Homicides go without being solved! I was compelled to write something to encourage the many mothers and fathers that are left with painful wounds of loosing their children. What happens after the protesting, News coverage, Church gatherings and Press Conferences? Many times the parents are forgotten. They literally endure the spirit of loneliness for years!”

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