The Gospel Guru caught up with the Princess of Gospel, Kierra Sheard for a candid 7up session. She is the daughter of Gospel icon Karen Clark Sheard and the granddaughter of the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. We first heard Kierra Sheard on her mother’s solo debut album “Finally Karen” back in 1997 on the Stellar award winning song “Will of God.” In the following years, Kierra honed and matured her skills as a performer and vocalist, and now has 4 LP’s under her belt.

The vocal phenom’s most recent release “Free” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Album chart. Sheard showcased a total different aspect of artistry on “Free” than we’re accustomed to hearing from her. I think it’s safe to say that she’s created her own “brand” of Praise & Worship. Now sit back, relax, and get a bit of 7up with Kierra Sheard.

  1. Describe Kierra Sheard in three words. Saved, dedicated, and fun.
  2. What has the response been like from your latest release “Free?” It’s been a great response. It’s been exciting to see/hear how the people have been responding to the release of the album. People are still responding to it like we released it yesterday. It’s been a blessing….it’s been a year now since we did the live recording and with people responding like it was released just yesterday means so much. A lot of people did repsond kinda weird with me going a different route with the album, but it’s been really exciting.
  3. How was it working with your younger brother JDS, and taking direction from him as a producer? It’s was really great…it was exceptional. A lot of people think that people who are younger than you can’t be an inspiration to you. My brother inspired me, and he pulled out a side of creativity out of me that no one else has. When it came to my skill of songwriting I didn’t believe in myself, but we prayed and consecrated together and God gave us songs. Anytime I went to sing a song to him he would immediately give me what I was looking for musically. It was a lot of fun, and I was overjoyed to see how we grew together…not just spiritually and naturally but even when it comes to the music side of it.It actually brought us closer together.
  4. Some people weren’t too happy with the musical direction you went with “Free,” what do you have to say to those people? I’m not gonna make everybody happy, when you’re doing your work, ministry, career..etc it’s something you have to enjoy. We get mad at waiters or waitresses when they come serve us with bad attitudes, in order for me to serve God’s people I have to make sure it’s something I enjoy, and lining up with God’s will. But of course it has to be what people like, but it’s gonna be some people that don’t like but it may be more people who love it. So am I gonna go with the 410 or 10?.. Of course i’ll go with the majority, but at the same time lining up with God’s will. I’ll still make sure I give that urban side, that’s what a lot of people want from me..that urban contemporary sound. So that’s why we did half and half, we did live and studio. Even in the live portion you had your urban contemporary songs, we didn’t just go full blown praise and was a bit for everybody. The other thing is believe it or not, I’m a Gospel artist and it’s hard for me to sing urban contemporary songs for a Sunday morning service. I have to be versatile and take the Gospel all places, with this record I’m able to take it to the church and allow whoever the listener is to listen to it in the car.

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