Pastor Charles Jenkins is the Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.  Pastor Jenkins is a classically trained musician from Florida.  He’s married to Dr. Tara Rawls Jenkins and has two daughters.  He won a Grammy for his song “You’ve Been a Friend” on the Israel Houghton  & New Breed CD  “Alive in Africa”.  He is also deaf in one ear from an infection he had a result of swimmer’s ear as a child but he lets us know that “When I write a song or listen to music, I hear everything. From the musicianship, the lyricism, the song structure, changes, movements, chord progressions, and so it’s really a miracle that I can hear everything”.

Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago Live have a CD coming out in June entitled “The Best of Both Worlds”. Since that time in January, the single has taken off around the country.  We recently had a chance to sit down with Pastor Jenkins to discuss his role in the choir, their new project and his road up to this point in ministry.

Pastor Jenkins:   I appreciate you talking to me today.

Bianca: Oh you don’t understand how big of an impact that you all have made with your new song.


Pastor Jenkins:  Oh really?

Bianca:  Yes. I was at the Stellar Awards Pre-Show and when you all sang it there, I was like oh I’ll be downloading that tonight.


Pastor Jenkins: Oh so you got it first

Bianca: Yeah, so I’ve had it for a while. It’s a great song

Pastor Jenkins: Thank you so much I appreciate that. That’s incredible

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