Maybe love doesn’t actually conquer all.

Serena Williams, who’s had a few well chronicled relationships with rappers Drake and Common over the years, has decided to take an extended break from the opposite sex.

Specifically, the former world No. 1 tennis player won’t be spending time with men for at least a decade. “I have given up on dating,” Williams told Celebuzz. “It just hasn’t worked out well for me.”

Williams, 30, is considered by some to be the greatest female tennis player of all time. With career earnings of more than $35 million, she leads the way among all-time among women athletes.

Money is nice, but the mental misery of dating has done its damage.

“I’m a really emotional person I give my all and everything,” Williams told Celebuzz. “I do make mistakes — like every human does — but the last relationship just was too much of a heartbreak for me. I just can’t go through that anymore. It was hard.”

Gearing up for the London Olympics this summer, Williams and her case of heartsickness needs an extended recovery.

“I just have to remove myself from that atmosphere for about the next decade or so,” Serena said. “I can’t get involved.”

In the long run, it seems unlikely Williams will go a full decade without dating, but don’t expect to see her look for romance anytime soon.

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