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A deadly “game” is claiming the lives of teens in Cuyahoga and surrounding counties, as doctors and police warn that  victims fail to see the risks.

It’s called the choking game and doctors say teens will use their hands or tie something around their neck until it appears they are ready to pass out in an effort to get a quick high.

The Dangerous Behaviors Foundation has been tracking victims and reports at least 416 deaths in the United States since 2006.

Dr. Nancy Bass is a pediatric neurologist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland and said teens are often misled by Internet and social media reports.

“They take their hands off the neck and release the tie, and there is a sense of euphoria when the blood rushes back to the head,” Bass said. “Tragically, teens fail to understand how deadly this behavior really is.”

In Euclid, 14-year-old Anthony Sankovic died in 2006 after trying the game at home by himself. His mother is now a leading advocate for parent and school  education.

“If they could be less fearful of letting people come in and do presentations to their school,” Kathy Sankovi said, “it would be better if they would let everyone be educated so that parents could continue the education at home.”

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