Moms work SO hard all year long to help their families thrive…so why shouldn’t we do the same for them? You’ve probably already heard that one of the greatest gifts is the gift of health, and considering how great mom is, helping her be healthier and happier is the very least we can do for her.

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Just some of the outstanding, and healthy, mother’s day gifts you may want to consider include:

A Fruit Bouquet

Dietary guidelines call for five to 13 servings of fruit and veggies a day, but the average American mom only gets three, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Gift her a delicious and gorgeous fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements — you know she’ll share!

A Gardening Bag

Help Mom bloom by giving her a beautiful canvas gardening tote filled with everything she’ll love to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables. Most bags contain seeds to plant, and garden tools to use year after year. Some bags even contain extra little treats, such as lotions and potions to help her relax and be pampered.

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