First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to Ohio on Monday.

After spending the weekend in Chicago while the President hosts the NATO Summit, Mrs. Obama visited Cleveland for a campaign fundraiser.

But during her visit, no cameras or broadcast news reporters allowed into the fundraiser luncheon. But a press person for the Obama campaign released some statements offered by the first lady during the event.  At one point during her speech the first lady referenced the president’s recent announcement that he supports same-sex marriage.  Mrs. Obama urged donors to tell others that “our troops no longer have to lie about who they love because Barack ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The policy had banned gays from serving openly in the military.

Reyes Torres-Herrera showed up to see the First Lady with her copy of the Columbus Dispatch from earlier this month.

“There she is and there I am, just above the O in Ohio,” she laughed as she showed us.

Today, she took a break from working the Obama phone banks and got close up and personal with the First Lady at Progressive Field.

“She gave me a hug, beautiful. So excited.”

It was hugs around the house for a room full of local volunteers who knocked on 8,500 doors in Cuyahoga County.

Susan Clement, a volunteer since 2008, was moved to tears, “I’m proud we elected him and I think he’s what we need yet for the next four years.”

That’s something we expected to hear from Mrs. Obama, but she didn’t speak to reporters.

With a fist pump, she left for her private fundraiser lunch with 250 Obama supporters and volunteers

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