How safe is it around Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino?

So far, preliminary reports say it’s safe since the casino’s May 12 opening.

Cleveland Police added extra patrols downtown, so gamblers aren’t being taken by robbers.

It’s just a two week snapshot, but police haven’t seen any problems. Gamblers say they weren’t worried anyways but are glad to see the added police presence around downtown Cleveland and outside of the casino.

The crime impact could change slightly as new reports come in, but so far so good in downtown Cleveland.

In the past two weeks, Cleveland Police have seen a drop in burglary, assault, robbery and vandalism. The biggest issues on the rise are drug and stolen car cases.

The biggest problem in downtown Cleveland right now is theft, from vehicles. Those coming to downtown Cleveland should “put you junk in your trunk” according to Cleveland Police.

Overall downtown, twelve vehicles have been stolen this year compared to four last year at this point.

Police are reminding all to watch out for thieves, especially when you make it easy for them.

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