June is a good month for black people. First it’s the first month of summer, (and you know how we love summer), there’s Juneteenth, and it’s also Black Music Month.

  Started by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979, Black Music Month turns the spotlight on the rich history and enduring legacy of African-American musicians, singers and composers throughout the month of June.  Various cities around the country will hold events and gatherings related to Black Music Month featuring some of the top names in music. 

Now is this holiday really necessary for us? Probably not. We need no excuse at all to pump up the volume, open up our iTunes or cruise through the streets riding to our favorite jams.

Whether it’s a soul-stirring spiritual from Mahalia Jackson, a moon-walk inducing hit from Michael Jackson, a soulful ballad from Anthony Hamilton or a thought provoking joint from Duke Ellington, we can take pride in knowing that some of the best contributions to the art of sound have come from black people.

Since you celebrate the genius of black music everyday take this month to introduce a co-worker, younger sibling or grandparent to some stuff they ain’t never heard before. Enrich their life with the gift of music. It’s timeless.

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