Hip hop heavyweight Lecrae has quickly moved to the forefront of Christian Hip Hop and has become a household name. The Houston, Texas native has made a tremendous impact not only in Christian Hop Hop, but in music period. His most recent commercial release “Rehab” debuted at No. 1 on the Hip-Hop and Christian Hip-Hop chart, and has sold over 100,00 units to date.

This month the Hip Hop general released his first mixtape titled “Church Clothes,” which was released on May 10 and was hosted by DJ Don Cannon. The mixtape was downloaded more than 100,000 times in less than 48 hours on Some kind of amazing!

The Gospel Guru caught up with the MC for a very candid interview to discuss his new mixtape, future plans, his forthcoming LP “Gravity,” and more! Welp, without further ado get into my interview with one of Christian Hip Hop’s leading men Lecrae, below.

TGG: Man, I’m loving the mixtape! Whose idea was it for you to do a mixtape?

Lecrae: It was my idea, I think I’ve always wanted to..One, do some music that traditionally I wouldn’t put on an album. And to, man I’ve just always been evangelistic and missional in nature so I just wanted to do something that was dedicated to a world that wouldn’t otherwise go out and buy my music.

TGG: Ok. Man, you’re really touching some touchy subjects on the mixtape. What a bold move, what has the response been like?

Lecrae: Hahaha. You know I tried to give some warnings early on to a lot of my Christian followers that It really wasn’t targeted at the church so they would be able to understand. I wanted to wrestle with some things that I know people outside of the church wrestle through. When It comes to the church I just want to edify. But it’s been good, you know – it’s been good for every inquiry or kinda wrestle with the mixtape they’ve said wow it’s really impactful.

TGG: What was your inspiration for the concept of the mixtape?

Lecrae: Um well one is …because, I know specifically me being somebody who has had most of my experiences within the black church you know that’s cultural… you gotta put on your church clothes when you got to church…and it’s nothing wrong with that– that’s absolutely fine! But I think what’s happening to a new generation (the hip hop generation) there’s  astigmatism, a feeling that I’m unwelcome. Or If I don’t put on airs or if I don’t dress the appropriate way I’m not welcomed at church. I think that carries over to their feelings about God, that If I don’t put on airs I’m not welcomed about him either. You know the bible says it’s by grace that you’re saved it’s not by dressing up that you’re saved. So I just wanted people to know it’s not about putting on airs, it’s about being honest and transparent and saying “God here’s my junk, can you help me?”

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