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This week’s topic: Fathers

Father’s day is an extremely important day to me because it’s a reminder of the demonstration of God’s never ending outpour of love in my life.

When I was conceived, my biological father initially denied me. Six years later, even knowing that he was indeed my father, he willingly gave up his parental rights and allowed my stepfather to legally adopt me.  Two years later, he died in a horrific car crash where a drunk driver hit him.

According to the statistics, I should have grown up with all kinds of “issues” because of the non-existent relationship with my biological father. However, I am NOT a statistic; and regardless of your situation, you don’t have to be either.

Our heavenly father has covered us in every aspect of our lives. Regardless of our upbringing, family situations, poor choices, sinful natures … He loves us unconditionally. Additionally, He is always ready with a ram in the bush for our lives.

For me that ram came in the form of my stepfather who embraced me and loved me as if I was his flesh and blood. He demonstrated for me how a good father loves their children. More importantly, he was influential in introducing me to the Father of all fathers.

I believe he realized as a father there would be times when he may fail or disappoint his children. However he introduced me to one who could never fail by assuring I had my own personal relationship with God. So I learned the love of a father in the natural and spiritual realm. And for that I am extremely grateful.

This week we celebrate Fathers across the world. The love and sacrifices that they make are matchless. We need to celebrate not just the men whose seed has brought forth life but also every man that has stood in the gap in any child’s life as a father figure.

Let’s celebrate every man that has deposited love in the form of support, encouragement, and time.  Fathers (biological or otherwise) are instrumental in setting the foundation for our lives.

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