The Gospel Guru caught up with one of Gospel Music’s leading men, Marvin Sapp. The “Never Would Have Made It” singer first experienced crossover success with his ’07 release “Thirsty,” in which was certified gold by the RIAA due to the album selling over 500,000 copies. In 2010 Sapp released Thirsty’s follow up album “Here I Am.” With its release, Sapp became the all-time highest charting Gospel artist in Billboard’s 54-year history of tracking album sales.

The past few years have definitely been great for Marvin Sapp’s career, but he’s also experienced a great deal of tragedy. However, as we know Marvin’s biggest hits were birthed out of those experiences, he has the ability to tap into his own personal pain and deliver a song that speaks to the masses.

And Marvin Sapp is definitely speaking to the masses with his new release “I Win,” this project is all about overcoming and rising above life’s trials. Be sure to check out “I Win” on iTunes; now sit back, relax, and get a bit of 7up with Marvin Sapp.

1.Describe Marvin Sapp in three words. Simple, transparent, and genuine.

2.What was your inspiration for “I Win?” I’ve been through some really crazy stuff the last few years, so it’s more of a declaration…just declaring publicly and openly that in-spite of everything that the enemy has tried to throw at me, he tried to defeat me, he tried to get me to quit….I can look back at that whole situation and make a declaration that I win. It’s not about how quick you cross the finish line, it’s the fact that you cross the finish line.

3.What was your most memorable experience in the making of “I Win?” I think the most memorable experience was the fact that I had my mom and my kids there. My kids will always be with me, and my mom had the opportunity to be present at the recording. Also, having my brother be there to do some comedy before I performed. Just having key individuals that play an important part in my life made it easier for me to do it because I was used to my wife being there. Just having that support system made it worth while.

4.Is there any pressure coming with your new release behind two of your biggest albums? No pressure. There isn’t any because i’ve tried to be consistent musically. I consider myself to be like the Frankie Beverly of Gospel “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” that’s my mentality. It took me 6 albums to have a hit, my 7th album was a hit. Now, that I know what my fan base enjoys I try to give them more of what they enjoy. No pressure at all; I believe if I give them what they enjoy they’ll buy it.

5.What is a standout track for you on “I Win?” I Win is a standout for me. My Testimony is one that I wrote, but I Win is a song that really speaks to my life.

6.With the passing of your wife, what has the past couple of years been like for you? It’s a transition, I spent my entire adult life with her. When you spend your life with somebody….you just kinda have to pick up the pieces and start all over again. It’s crazy…I have to be a full dad and raise two teenagers and I don’t have a conventional 9-5 job. It’s an adjustment, but I’m beginning to realize I’m built for it! I know that God won’t put more on you than you can bear, and I know from this point on the rest of my days will be the best days of my life.

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