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CLOSE ‘s Father’s Day Special Essays

It is almost the third week of June. Honestly, its one of the best times of the year for me. Why?  I have one of the best father’s (Bishop James Nelson) that one could ever ask for.  He is a shinning example of what I long to be, as I continue to be the best father that I can be. Because of his great investment in me, I am fully equipped with hope, faith, drive, initiative, character, love and so much more. My father is NOT perfect, but he’s my dad. It’s my desire to mirror these same qualities to my children.

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I urge this generation and the next to pursue the wisdom of our fathers, so that we may help to change the generations to come.  Let’s break every generational curse and start afresh.  I want to honor my father by continuing to become a great man.  Moreover, I want to honor him by dispersing a portion of what I have learned and inherited to help push our youth to fulfill their destinies. Happy Father’s Day to every father!  Expect the GREAT!

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