Dr. Kathi A. Earles is passionate about working with families and patients battling diabetes, especially within the African-American community. African-Americans have a 77-percent greater risk of being diagnosed with diabetes over Caucasian Americans.

During the summer months, Dr. Earles recommends taking time to assess family health and arrange diabetes screenings when the following risk factors and symptoms are present:


-Increased urination, thirst, and hunger

-Unusual weight loss

-Blurred vision

-A “pins & needles” feeling in your hands and feet

-Cuts or bruises that are slow to heal

-This is by no means an exhaustive list and some people show no symptoms at all

Risk factors for diabetes:

-Older than 45

-Diabetes runs in your family


-High blood pressure or high cholesterol

She also recommends paying attention to menu options to make healthier food choices. Novo Nordisk offers a great source called for health recipes and perfect for summer cookouts.

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