When Larry D. Trotter developed an interest in the comic book hero Spider-man, he had no idea that one day he would lead a similar lifestyle. The one thing that intrigued young Larry about Spider-man was that he never lost touch with his “Human Characteristics”.


When the young Peter Parker, who later became Spider-Man, received tremendous powers, he also had to learn how to balance being human. 

You see, the young Larry Trotter also received a huge gift that would later cause him to battle with his own inner-self.

Just like Peter Parker, Larry Trotter was a normal boy who didn’t fit the athletic image, but excelled in academics. Contrary to belief, Larry Trotter never wanted to be a preacher, but once he was “bit”, the gift became a blessing.

Yes he was blessed, but as he states, “The blessing came with a constant warring within me”.  The new found blessing caused him to developed into a preacher, then pastor and later Bishop Larry D. Trotter.

His maturation happened quickly and so did the raging war on the inside of him. “Like Apostle Paul and Peter Parker, I have struggled with these two warring members: “Bishop Trotter and “Larry”.

The real question is; what caused this immense struggle and did Larry Trotter ever learn to balance his own “members” which the Apostle Paul speaks of?

Bishop Trotter plainly states that he was overwhelmed with his new status and did not know how to manage the assignment he was trusted with.  “I became overwhelmed with the new taste of success-Success is a beast that many people are ill-prepared to fight”.


In Bishop Trotter’s new book “Living Above See Level”, he explains in full detail the warring battle of Larry vs. Bishop Trotter.  It was a real battle for him as he over-indulged in power, finances, material things and life and neglected his family, marriage, church and health.

Trotter discovered he had been loyal to status and fame and not to the precious gift sent by God. “I found Bishop Trotter plenty alive, while Larry was dead as a doorknob.”

Trotter’s battle, Larry vs. Bishop Trotter marks as one of the most inspiring chapters from the book “Living Above See Level”.

“Balance is brought on by Discipline. To Live above SEE level, you have to exercise great discipline.” –Bishop Larry Trotter

“Living Above See Level” is the true story of struggle, stress, success and never losing faith in God and His promises.

The tools provided are is revealed in various chapters of the book including,

Nobody’s Fault but Mine

Making it Through SEE Nothing Days

Larry vs. Bishop Trotter

Sending a Boy to Do a Man-sized Job

Trouble Don’t Last All Ways                                

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