Worship leader and recording artist Ricardo Sanchez uses social networks to provide advice to worship leaders, worship teams and churches. As an experienced worship leader, he is a part of both the church and the worship team. Being in this position, he generously shares his experience with both sides, to support them and help them walk in the right direction.

Here are some of Sanchez’s advice to worship teams that can be found on his account:

Worship Leaders teach your team to Praise not perform. The church needs you to develop a culture of Worshipers not a culture of singers.  Remember the difference between Praise & Performance is the posture of your heart.”

“Worship Teams, you can always tell who’s a great Worship Leader by how they worship when someone else is leading.”

“Worship Leaders, stop demanding worship and start INSPIRING worship. Let’s stop telling our congregations to worship and start worshiping ourselves. Some don’t do what you say but they’ll do what you do.”

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