Well guys, as you well know, we, black folk, take our religion seriously.      That’s why when we hear about church leaders acting far-less-than-holy, it causes such a stir… Case in point: A Houston pastor and his wife were recently arrested and charged with conning their former congregation at Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church out of $430,000 in church funds, using them for gambling trips to Louisiana…      Now that’s a problem!      But, the good news is a pastor and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Co has come up with a way of separating good pastors from questionable ones.      The Reverend Dr. Donald H. Matthews, author of the upcoming book, Sexual Abuse in the Black Church, recently developed a litmus test called, “How to tell if your Minister is a Pastor or a Pimp.” That’s right, and if you answer yes to at least 5 of these questions, then according to Dr. Matthews, your pastor just might be a pimp… Here we go:

1-Does your minister care more about visiting the sisters than visiting the sick?

2- Does your minister care more about his clothing than about clothing the poor?

3-Does your minister care more about hooking up at the convention than helping the elderly keep their gas and electric hooked up?

4-Does your minister care more about his first lady’s appearance than he does about appearing at the prison to visit the inmates?

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