*Some may argue it’s not the Biblical approach, but Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell tells her children not to back down from bullies, says Sister 2 Sister.

Tina, who expressed that she was bullied when she was younger said that she doesn’t want her kids to go through what she went through. So, she tries to equip her children at home for those types of scenarios.

“My kids know to defend yourself, and they know how to communicate their self-defense if they feel like they are threatened. My children know you don’t start no fight…but if somebody put they hands on you, put ‘em on they back,” she said.

She added that parents need to talk to their children and get more involved in their lives to find out what pressures they’re dealing with and help them to navigate through it all.

“I sure hope that I do not communicate be violent, go out and attack everybody, because my kids know you better not be there making somebody feel like they’re nothing…you don’t do that clique thing,” she said.

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