Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and pianist Richard Smallwood who underwent hip surgery is recovering well and has only two more physical therapy sessions left.

Smallwood, “I’m coming along very well in my hip replacement recovery.” He adds, “I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and getting back to my regular routine.”

Since he spent quite some time recovering, Smallwood’s fans asked if this was an opportunity for him to create more music. Smallwood, “God didn’t use this time of recuperation and healing to give me new music. In fact, I haven’t thought much about music during this entire process, but He has used this time to prompt me to tell my story and to write it down.”

Smallwood used his recovery time to work on his biography. Smallwood expressed that he is getting extremely excited about writing the biography. “God seems to be causing so much to just flow out of me that at times I can’t keep up. I had no idea when I started, that I had experienced so much and that I had so much to say. It’s therapeutic and is actually helping ME. I pray that it will bless others and encourage. That’s the ONLY reason I’m doing it. I have no idea when I will finish, but in God’s time. His timing is perfect.”

Smallwood’s songs have been recorded by Destiny’s child, Kelly Price, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, to mention just a few. Smallwood is a living Gospel music legend and after four decades in industry, Richard Smallwood has surely a lot to share.

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