When it comes to multi-tasking, Tamela Mann is the ultimate pro. Few women juggle as many responsibilities as the Texas-born singer/songwriter/actress/wife/mother, and yet she manages to do it all with seemingly boundless energy and an ever-present smile.    How does she do it all?

“One day at a time,” she replies with a laugh.

Tamela’s Best Days A veteran television and stage actress, Mann has earned a legion of fans as she’s starred alongside her husband David in the successful TBS comedy “Meet the Browns.” She and David also have a new cooking show, “Hanging with the Manns.” She has a role in the upcoming film “Sparkle” starring Jordin Sparks and the late Whitney Houston. Mann has also been putting the finishing touches on her new album, Best Days, the follow up to her Dove Award-winning collection The Master Plan.    When asked if the success of her previous album caused her to feel any pressure when recording her new set, Mann replies, “I didn’t look at it as pressure. [I wasn’t] trying to do the same thing. I want to present music that people can be blessed by and that can be healing. That’s how I look at it so I don’t think of it as pressure. We just have to put music out to keep people encouraged and keep lifting the body of Christ.”    Working with producer Myron Butler, Mann has crafted an album she’s excited about. She feels the title track will encourage listeners. “It’s a very encouraging song. It gives a lot of hope. People realize that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that things will be better.”    Another of her favorites on the new album is  “All to Thee.” “That is a worship song that says, ‘Less of me, more of thee, all the glory and all the honor belongs to you.’ The lyrics make me cry because they remind me that it’s not about me,” she says. “It’s all about Him and I just want to be able to give everything that I have to Him.”    “Back in the Day Praise” is a nostalgic song that reminds her of the tent revivals she attended during her youth in Fort Worth, Texas. The youngest of 14 children, Mann grew up in a loving Christian family, anchored by her mother’s unyielding faith.    “In June it will be four years since we lost my mom,” she says. “She was 83 when the Lord took her home. I remember the memories of her and the things she said. She was a wonderful woman. My mom had Alzheimer’s and it really hit her hard so what hurts me the most in my career was I couldn’t share it with her. I would go and visit her and talk to her and tell her things that I was doing, but for her not to communicate with me back like she would have, it hurt me. It still does. It hurts to this day to think that all the things that I’ve accomplished – the things that she prayed for – she didn’t get to see, but I’m really grateful for the things she instilled in me, the love and the passion. I just try to pass it on.”

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