Pop superstar Rihanna had tongues wagging when she tweeted sentimental lyrics about being in the arms of a man. Immediately, bloggers and gossip columnists speculated about who the new beau could possibly be. They were surprised to later discover that the “good girl gone bad” was tweeting lyrics to gospel duo Mary Mary’s song, “Be Happy.”

Mary Mary’s 2001 album titled “Thankful” is the CD from which “Be Happy” originates.

A portion of the lyrics tweeted by Rihanna say, “My heart has found a new beat ever since you came into my life. No I don’t lose no sleep ‘cause I know He’s walking by my side. And if you’re looking for me safe in His arms is where you’ll find me, ‘cause I’ve gotta be, gotta be happy, gonna be happy.” “God bless Mary Mary!!! They SANGUH!!!!!!!!!” wrote Rihanna.

Unsurprisingly, the story became a lot less juicy for some after the discovery was made that the object of the self-proclaimed rude girl’s affection was God.

Mary Mary’s music is increasingly being embraced by the mainstream community, since the duo has had several crossover hits, the biggest of them being “God In Me” from their 2008 project, “The Sound.”

Even pop singer Keri Hilson tweeted about purchasing a copy of “Go Get It” to be added to her new summer music collection of albums.

Additionally, Mary Mary’s self-titled WE tv reality show has garnered even more notoriety and acclaim for the two. Because of this, the sisters are often asked to weigh in on national news and stories relevant to the mainstream music industry.

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