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Citing a state official, The Los Angeles Times reports that Halle Berry and her film crew will be able to continue production as planned after the actress fell on set Tuesday night and injured her head.

As previously reported, the Oscar winner was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after she fell during a fight sequence on the set of her film “The Hive.” Sources told TMZ that Berry hit her head on concrete during the fall.

She was released from the hospital within hours, and TMZ is reporting that she’ll continue production on the film as planned.

Also, TMZ is reporting that her injury was not serious enough to warrant a state investigation of the workplace incident.

“The incident was not reported to Cal/OSHA and was not required to be reported,” said Peter Melton, OSHA spokesman. “She was released from the hospital quickly, so we will not be investigating.”

The OSHA official noted that his agency only looks into workplace accidents brought about by unsafe practices. “If she just fell on a concrete floor, we’re not going to go seal off the floor and say it’s dangerous,” Mr. Melton said.

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