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She got her’s now she’s got some advice you.

Ladies, don’t rush to marry the wrong man, is Meagan Good’s message.

The sexy actress who got married to the love of her life recently has a bit of advice for single women out there in search of love.

Doing the unconventional thing, nowadays, she and her now husband waited to have sex until their wedding night. She says it was well worth it and she’s glad to have made the choice not to compromise.

“Sometimes…you make what you think are sacrifices because you see there’s potential here, or this person has it in their heart there’s just got to be some growing,” Meagan told

Meagan is happily married to a preacher, DeVon Franklin, and feels she truly found her soul mate.

“It’s been pretty amazing,” Meagan said of married life. “He is absolutely the most incredible thing that’s happened to me. We want the same thing out of life and that’s important.”

She continued, “Ultimately one thing I would say to all women is don’t settle. It is out there. It does exist and God is so much bigger and greater than what our small minds can think,” she said. “What we think is impossible is absolutely possible and I’m definitely living proof of that. My marriage is living proof of that.”

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