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In an interview with Good Day Columbia, Tamela Mannshares that she attributes all the successes in her life to Jesus Christ.

“A lot of times I still cry because I can’t believe I’m in this place”, says Tamela Mann.

“I just believe that someone needs to be a light and people need to see a light. I just try to make that difference and being as Christ like as I can”, says Mann.

She says besides all the successes it doesn’t mean a thing if she’s not living the truth.

“The main thing is that we live what we talk about. To get the platform and just live the life and just be a living bible for a lot of people. Because of my faith I believe that Christ is soon to return, so we just want to be caught winning as many for the kingdom,” says Mann.

Tamela works closely with her family. She travels with her son and daughter and husband, David, is always close by. I’ve always wondered if Mr. Brown was as funny at home as he is on the stage and television. According to Tamela, he is!! “Never a dull moment. He acts like that at home.”

Tamela is currently starring in the hit show Meet The Browns and starring along side Whitney Houston in the highly anticipated film, Sparkle. Her new CD, Best Days, will be released August 14th. The current hit single “Take Me To The King” (written and produced by Kirk Franklin) is now playing on your favorite gospel radio station.

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