Following near-fatal complications from a routine surgical procedure that left IndieBuzz recording artist Dianna Hobbs incapacitated for months, the powerhouse Christian contemporary songwriter and vocalist is finally poised to make a comeback with an aptly titled soul-stirring single, “It Ain’t Over,” slated for an August release.

Hobbs penned the uplifting track to encourage those experiencing difficult setbacks and struggles, like the one she faced in February 2011. Just over a year after the promising recording artist first introduced her original music, a roller skating accident turned her world upside down and derailed her career in its infancy.

After falling and breaking her radius bone which caused muscle tissue, cartilage, and nerve damage in her wrist and hand, Hobbs underwent a surgical procedure to insert a metal plate and screws into her left arm.

According to official medical reports, a negative reaction to the narcotics used to alleviate her post-operative pain sent the singer into cardiac arrest, and left her unresponsive for a full 5 minutes. Doctors called out “Code Blue!” to try to resuscitate Hobbs.

“I saw my life flash before me, literally,” she recounted while being interviewed during a live television taping of TCT’s “Celebrate,” which was seen in more than a million homes throughout the Western NY region. Though the gifted singer’s heart had stopped and she was no longer breathing, she could still hear. “I was on the table bargaining with God while they’re calling code blue, saying God, it can’t end like this!”

It appeared to be all over when miraculously, Hobbs regained consciousness, and thus, her song title, “It Ain’t Over.” Even after being out of the woods and escaping death, surgical complications led to many months of grueling rehabilitation and a very slow recovery process

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