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At this time in history, Jewish people did not and would not have been ministering to Gentiles (non Jewish people.) God had to come and talk to Peter about even going to Cornelius’ house for he was a Gentile. (SEE Acts 10:9-23 and 27-29) Peter was preaching about Jesus to this first group of people that were Gentiles, and while Peter was still preaching,

The Holy Spirit fell upon the people! The Bible tells us that the Jewish (circumcised) Believers that had come with Peter to Cornelius’ house “were astonished that THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” had even come upon the Gentiles. And how did they know that The Holy Spirit had come on them? “For they heard them speaking in tongues and praising God.” Then when Peter heard them, he stated that they should be baptized with water.

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