Chicago pastor Corey Brooks is serious about stopping violence in Chicago, which is quickly approaching a record number of homicides for the year. Just this past weekend, nine people were killed and 37 wounded in gun violence. It seems like every big city has its turn and this year, Chicago is leading so far in homicides. Brooks has already lived on the roof of an abandoned hotel across the street from his church in the violence-plagued Woodlawn neighborhood in order to raise funds to buy it to create a recreation center. With a $98,000 boost from Tyler Perry, he did, but he still needs funding to create a new space on the spot.

Now Brooks is walking across the country from New York City to Los Angeles with his two sons, 11-year old Cobe and 22-year-old Desmond, the pastor with a mission is H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny) and committed to creating a safe haven amongst the turmoil in Chicago.

“One of the things that I’m finding out is America is a very compassionate place,” he told Fox News in Chicago when he reached Pennsylvania in June. “We’re reaching a lot of people and talking to a lot of people and it seems as if every city we go into, once they talk to us and hear our cause and hear our story, they’re more than willing to take us in,” Brooks said.

Brooks flew back to Chicago in August to attend the funeral of murder victim Tony Dunn, 19, who police witnessed being killed in his own Southside neighborhood, ironically enough, on King Drive.

The shooter opened fire on police, who wounded him before he fled the scene. (The suspect was later apprehended.) This was the fourth homicide Brooks has flown back since he started his cross-country trek.

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