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Elder Lee M Harris Sr. receently had the chance to interview CeCe Winans on her music ministry and MORE…

EH: I understand the project you’re doing, “How Sweet the Sound” is something that’s been going on for a while. I would first of all like to talk with you for a moment about your role in this event.
CeCe: I’ve been involved with “How Sweet the Sound” for several years now. The first time they asked me, I was a judge for a few of the shows and I performed and really enjoyed it, as I felt they did it in a first class way.

It was a great chance to give choirs a platform of knowing that it was really the foundation of gospel music and gospel choirs. For the last three years I’ve been hosting / co-hosting with Donald Lawrence and had a great time doing that. This year I’m going back to judging and Yolanda is going to host the event.
EH: It’s my understanding that some of the smaller churches are being invited to this event now as well as the community choirs.
CeCe: That’s been the great thing about being a part of “How Sweet the Sound”, is that every year they’re striving to do it better, striving to encourage more people and add on every year. This really can be a blessing to the community, the churches, and the choir directors, as well as the corporate businesses that are sponsoring this.
EH: So as I understand it, the prize money is for them to do something healthy and good in that particular community for the people where that particular choir lives.
CeCe: Oh yes! Verizon has a hope line where when people turn in their phone. That’s going to help domestic violence in that way. We’ve had some church choirs who have won [that] were putting some of their money into some sort of project. I think this year may be connected to some sort of recording situation, but I’m not sure about that.
EH: Now in the local towns or cities, do they just go to to apply for the contest? Is there a fee or what has to happen?
CeCe: Yes, if you log onto you can get all the answers for that and whatever questions you have I’m sure they will answer them there for you.
Even if you’re not a choir just come and be a part of this celebration because it is going to strengthen gospel music in our community and really going to bring forth that message. With all the things that are happening around the world, we need to withstand the privilege it is to come together and worship His name together. Even though we go under an umbrella of competition it is so not a competition, it’s really an excuse for us to come together and praise God. When we come together with that one thing in mind and that’s to give God praise, the power of God shows up and miracles happen.
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