The Baltimore Ravens may be the last team you want to see when they are at home, let alone on a short week, but that is the task at hand for the 0-3 Browns.

The Browns have lost eight of their last nine meetings in Baltimore. The last win for the guys in the orange helmets in crab city was 2007. Since then, the team has lost eight in a row.

The Browns have 15 rookies on this roster and 25 players with less then two years experience, heading into one of the loudest stadiums in the league, and oh yeah, they have Ray Lewis.

Brandon Weeden is aware of M&T Bank Stadium’s reputation:

“It’s a division game too. When you’re trying to win division championships, you have to win division games. It’s a tough test. You basically have two and a half days to prepare and then we are playing a football game. It’s not a physically draining week, it’s all mental. We have to really understand what we’re doing offensively, without getting a rep over and over. You have to learn with basically one or no reps at all. You have to be on your ‘A’ game and be ready to rock and roll.”

Weeden and the Browns offense took multiple shots down field on the Bills secondary. The Ravens backs won’t be as easy to beat. The Browns will have to run the football with some kind of success against Lewis and the aggressive Ravens defense.

Trent Richardson was asked about his first game against the soon-to-be hall of famer.

“It’s going to be an honor being on the same field as Ray Lewis. I’ve looked up to him for years and I still look up to him, especially his leadership and how he handles stuff. But, it’s going to be like another game. I’ve got to play it like it’s my last, go out there and give it all I can.”

The Browns offense is averaging just 19 points a game, but can’t afford the inconsistency they showed last week. Penalties and drops killed the offensive rhythm.

The Browns have been in all three games with nothing to show for it. The Ravens are averaging an AFC-best 32.7 points per game. For all the talk about their defense, the offense has been pretty good. Ray Rice has had some huge games against the Browns. Thursday night can’t be another one of them.

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