Well, today, I actually have more questions than comments.

The first presidential debate is scheduled for October 3, and the topics for discussion have been released. They include questions on the economy, health care and the role and process of government.

So, I’ve come up with a number of questions – some serious and some not so serious—that I’d suggest moderator Jim Lehrer include in next week’s debates. And here they are:

President Obama, tell us what would be different about a second term in office given your less-than-cozy relationship with Republicans? How will you work to move beyond gridlock, racists, and straight-up haters to do what’s best for the American people?

Candidate Romney, if elected what will your administration do to protect voting rights for people of color? Will you re-enfranchise all the people your party has worked so hard to dis-enfranchise?

President Obama, what will you do to stop the excessive and punitive high-stakes testing practices currently disrupting our public school systems? Will you work to enable teachers to teach subject matters effectively without having to “teach to the test?”

Candidate Romney, if elected, will you change the name of the Office for Civil Rights to the Office for Victims, Moochers & the 47 Percenters?

President Obama, given your solid relationship with musical icons Jay-Z and Beyonce, when they come to visit you in the White House? Can Kanye and Kim tag along or are you concerned about Kanye interrupting your State of the Union address?

Candidate Romney, you recently appeared on the popular Latino-network Univision where some accused you of excessive tanning or coloring your skin tone. What’s up with that?

President Obama, first you told us that change is coming to Washington. Then you told us you were the change. Then you told us that we are the change. So in November, if we Americans elect not to change our leader, how will you change your approach to change, so that it is a change we can count on? And please keep your response to under 30 seconds, Mr. President.

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