The King’s Men Tour concert in Houston’s Arena Theater was simply amazing!

I had been anticipating the September 27th concert date for quite some time and I was not disappointed! The arena was packed with excited concert goers and anticipation filled the air.

The King’s Men–comprised of Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin and Israel Houghton--put on a spirit filled show that will be remembered for some time to come.

A lot of Houston’s gospel music artists came out to support. Spotted in the audience was James Fortune and his CherylV. Michael McKay, The Walls Group (they’re so cute!), Kurt Carr, Brian Courtney Wilson and Shawn McLemore.

The show started with Houston’s own Kathy Taylor and The Windsor Village Choir singing the popular song, “Oh, How Precious.” After showing Isaac Carree’s video for the hit song “In The Middle” and a warm up from a local youth pastor, it was finally time to see The King’s Men.

Things kicked off with a skit on video of Israel, Donnie, and Marvin as the Men In Black. They looked pretty dapper!! The skit included Kirk Franklin playing himself and a very funny character who promised to take the King’s Men career to another level. Funny stuff!!

The next three and a half hours was full of laughter, praising, dancing and off the chart singing! All of The King’s Men have deep music catalogs and that made for a night full of old and current hits that the audience seemed to know every note and lyric of.

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