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It looks like the First Lady will have to trade her anniversary dinner date for a presidential debate.

First Lady Michelle Obama told Access Hollywood on Thursday that her 20th anniversary with husband Barack Obama falls on the same day as the first presidential debate.

“I learned yesterday — just yesterday [of the date]. I was like really, really? The first presidential debate is on my 20th anniversary?” she told Access Hollywood. “All I said was, ‘At least we’ll be together.’”

The Obamas’ anniversary is October 3, and they’ll be in Denver where President Obama will debate Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on issues such as the economy, healthcare and the role of government.

The First Lady told People earlier this month that her dream date for her upcoming anniversary would be to retrace their honeymoon road trip in California. With the president’s busy pre-election schedule, a road trip was off the table, but President Obama did promise his wife a nice dinner to celebrate 20 years of marriage.

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