Every now and then a new artist comes along that has the ability to shake things up in the music industry, Jonathan McReynolds is that artist. Hailing from Chicago, the prolific singer-songwriter’s debut project “Life Music” hit shelves today via Light Records in conjunction with Tehillah Music Group. Highly anticipated, “Life Music” – which is preceded by the lead single “I Love You“, showcases the singer-songwriter and his own unique artistry that we’ve all come to love.

The Gospel Guru caught up with the budding artist to discuss his new albumchallenges of being a new artistvocal influences, and much more. Get into the interview below…

TGG: What was your inspiration for your debut album?

JM: Um. ‘Life Music’ is really gonna be kinda the story that tells the ups and downs of being a Christian, and actually living as a Christian. You know all the trials, the temptations…all the times you have to go and tell yourself “alright, let’s not do that again” all that stuff Christians go through with Monday all the way back to Monday. That’s what I’m writing about.
TGG: “Life Music” is definitely not your traditional Gospel project, do you feel that consumers will be receptive to your music and ministry? 
JM: Well you know I just pray that people will be able to relate to my music, and the fact that it’s different. I pray that people are drawn to that and like that part. I’m not too worried about how many records are sold, I just pray that people be able to relate to the music and see themselves in it. And have it  encourage them to live a godly life…not just a godly Sunday or Wednesday, but be godly all week long.
TGG: With your music being different than your typical Gospel artist, do you feel any pressure with releasing this project? 
JM: Of course man, it’s always hard to do something different. But this is the only way I can do it, it’s the only way God gave it to me. You can’t be too worried or too mad because obviously He (God) has plans for me and the unique way I’m approaching it and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.
TGG: As we know you’re signed to Tehillah Music Group/ Light Records, how did that come about?
JM: Well, I had an EP, “The Very Unofficial EP”  and it was out and it allowed me to travel the country and do certain things. I was in Atlanta for an outdoor event for Bishop Morton, he wasn’t there, but after I sung all his Pastor’s and colleagues ran to him and told him he had to check my music out. And he gave me an opportunity. It was just a a spectacular God moment, It was all God’s doing.

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