The presidential debate was hyped up like a prize fight with commentators treating it like a sporting event. One might think President Obama and Gov. Romney’s “showdown” was set to air on HBO Sports with Michael Buffer saying, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” But gospel artist Donnie McClurkin is not amused.

The pastor and radio host who just wrapped “The King’s Men” tour with Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, and Israel Houghton, tweeted about the event saying, “Now begins the analyst’s spin on who won the debate. the debate wasn’t 2 ‘entertain’ as a PRIZE was 2inform 4the sake of deciding.”

But has the public lost sight of the purpose of the political debates?

Many agree that this year, the verbal sparring was more about each candidate getting an edge over the other, instead of focusing on the issues that really concern this country.

Just last month, the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed that unemployment still remains highest among blacks and Latinos.

Clearly, there are real economic challenges we are facing. Perhaps McClurkin is right that the least of our concerns should be which candidate one-upped the other.

It is not unusual for the preacher who campaigned for Obama leading up to the 2008 election to speak out on politics. Back in July, when Gov. Romney talked to the NAACP, McClurkin said, “I’ve got to admit. Mitt Romney is a brave man! I have to applaud his chutzpah! [He’s] at the NAACP and telling them he’s going to abolish OBAMACARE,” noting that it took real gumption to address the democratic, overwhelmingly pro-Obama group.

Though McClurkin has not campaigned for Obama this year, he did give out some political advice this summer.

“Do not judge people’s Christianity based on their political choice. Anointed people vote their conscience,” he tweeted. “Do not use religion to bully people because of their choices! Let your choice be yours other and others’ be theirs. If their choice offends you, pray about it!”

What are your thoughts about the debates? Are we too focused on entertainment and not enough on the issues?

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