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If you missed us at our last FaceBook Debate party, we’ve got you covered with a quick recap. In addition to learning more about foreign policy, you know we had to put some party in this purpose.

Check out our favorite FaceBook posts during the third and final presidential debate. See if your comment made the list.

Edward L. Buddy: “King Mitt trying to play down the middle of the road….reminds me of the old saying, when you play in the middle of the road, you will get run over…..all of a sudden he trying to be a moderate?

Tracie Carter: “I’m lost. My ADHD is kicking in…I thought we were talking about foreign policy.

Yolanda Ray: “Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!!! Mitt will have us (middle-class, down) struggling like the 60’s!!!!!”

Rodney Thomas: “Air brushing history is code for you are a lie.”

Shelton Brothers: “Did Romnesia say he had a 8 – 10 year plan, but expects our President to do it in 4 years…what’s wrong with that statement…..oh I forgot he has Romnesia.”

Jackie LaFrance: “Paging Dr. Schol to the emergency room, paging Dr. Schol to the emergency room! You’re needed to perform an emergency foot-ectomy. Pres. Obama went knee deep!”

Mark Young: “You sunk my Battleship!”

Gale Stewart: “I think Romney should vote for President Obama because he’s basically agreeing with most of everything he’s doing based on his comments tonite.”

Sharon Walker: “Mitt “when I’m President”,is up there with when pigs fly…not going to happen..Obama 4 more..”

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