Grammy-winning producer, composer and recording artist Donald Lawrence is one of the most influential figures in Gospel music.

Known for his signature approach to music, Lawrence has worked with some of the best in music such as Stephanie MillsThe Clark SistersAnn Nesby, and more. But most recently we’ve heard Mr. Lawrence on “Bill Winston Presents Living Word: Released“, in which he is featured on the LP’s lead single, “Released“.

The Gospel Guru recently caught up with the award-winning maestro, who dished on new music, a new project, and much more!


TGG: Lets dive right in; I recently heard the new single “Released” from Pastor Bill Winston’s project, what inspired you to write such a powerful song?

DL: Well, I think I’m just inspired to write just in general, I can’t say one thing. I just write what I hear and feel, definitely God inspired. But I just feel like it’s a lyrical content for now, for a lot of people to remind them who they are, and remind them that their best days are right in front of them and it’s starting now.

TGG: How important was it for you to be apart of Living Word Christian Center’s first album?

DL: Well I think that more than anything, Pastor Winston came to me and said, “Ok the Church’s music department wants to do a record, I need you to come in and guide them because you’re out there and you know what you’re doing with it. I want to make sure they don’t make any bad steps…” So that’s my tithe for my church, I tithe my talent as well. I came in and rolled up my sleeves and dug in with everybody. It’s not a project that I feel like I produced, they produced it. I just kinda mentored them through the process, actually Ed Tucker really produced the project. The whole music teamed worked it as a collab.

TGG: “Released” embodies such a powerful message, and it’s working its way up the charts. What is it about your music that you feel makes listeners/consumers gravitate to it so quickly?

DL: I think that I’m honest when I write, when I say honest I mean I write what I hear. I don’t let style or music trends dictate to me what I write. I write what I feel like I should write in a moment. That’s probably the winning thing for me, just being honest and writing what I feel. And usually when I write what I feel it’s a lot of people that needed to hear that. When I’m really honest with it and don’t let the newest freshest thing change what I would write it tends to be something that everyone needs to hear. I’ve just learned to be very honest with that.

TGG: You mentioned music trends. How important do you feel it is for an artist to stay true to who they are and not attach themselves to the current trends?

DL: Well, if current trends are who you are then yea…But if you have something that you are true to…I just always like organic, i like people being just being there authentic self. But I understand the music business and the music industry, and if you feel like you have to add trends to your record I would add some of it, but I would still let the record show who you are.

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