Turk, a New Orleans rapper who was once a part of the rap group “Hot Boys” with rapper Lil Wayne, was recently released after spending nine years in prison. However, the rapper insists that he has a new mindset that is focused on God and his faith.

Although Turk was forced to serve a sentence stemming from an attempted murder and possession of a firearm, he is ready to turn his life around. As soon as the rapper was released from prison, he decided to spend some time in church.

“You know, when you going through them transitions, and you been in the pen or anything that’s humbling, you gonna seek and get low – and that’s what happened. You know, I’ve always believed in God; that ain’t something that just happened. I just got closer to Him, and I know I can’t do nothing without Him ’cause I know how good He’s been in my life,” the rapper told recently. “I said the first thing I’m gonna do is go to church, and I went this Sunday and I’m going every Sunday no matter where I’m at. If I got a show somewhere, I’m gonna find somebody’s church.”

Still, the rapper insisted that church constitutes as more than just a building.

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