*The Obama family has been in the spotlight since 2008, and hasn’t stopped shining as one of the brightest star families in the world.

But the focus has primarily been on mom and dad. What about the young ladies in the house?

Malia and Sasha Obama have grown up in the White House, evolving and becoming teens like any natural adolescent would, for the most part.

But 14-year-old Malia has blossomed before the world’s eyes, transforming from a timid girl to an eye-catching youth leader.

She’s grown up to be one of those kids other kids can look up to, with a great fashion sense to boot.

Amanda Sanders, an image consultant, says Malia has become a “role model.” She never appears underdressed or poorly manicured, instead, she’s a smart dresser, appropriate for her age.

Teen stylist, Marissa Rizzuto says Malia has matured.

“Every girl has [her] challenges,” Rizzuto says. “For Malia, it’d be her height, but she’s working with her body type by wearing a lot of skirts.”

Sanders said Malia has a playful sense of style: “She’s young and fresh-faced without a lot of makeup. . . . She’s not a rebel. She’s not hiding under baggy clothes.”

“Clothing is such a form of expression for every girl” — and that certainly is true for Malia, Sanders said.

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