Making the decision to put your child up for adoption is one of the most difficult things a parent could ever have to do. However, it is a loving decision born of your desire to do what’s right for your child. If you know that you are incapable of raising children at this point in your life, adoption may be what’s best for both you and your baby. After giving this careful thought, there are several ways you can go about putting your child up for adoption.

Putting Your Child Up For Adoption: When You Decide…

Some parents know from the moment of conception that putting their child up for adoption is the best solution. Others don’t make that difficult decision until just before or after they go into labor. You should know that you can change your mind at any time about adoption, so be sure you’ve thought through it carefully. If you decide on adoption before the baby is born, you can begin making advance preparations; if not, the process can start after the baby is born.

Putting Your Child Up For Adoption: Decide on the Type of Adoption

These days, there are several different ways that adoptions can be accomplished. First, there is a closed agency adoption, which involves giving your child over to the agency and allowing them to place the child without your input. This is the best solution for a parent who doesn’t have the ability or strength to choose adoptive parents; you can always trust the agency to make a good choice. You can also decide on an open adoption, which allows you to choose the adoptive parents. And finally, you can choose an independent adoption, which is arranged by an attorney or medical worker, and doesn’t involve an agency at all.

Putting Your Child Up For Adoption: Contact an Attorney

Even if you decide to allow an agency to handle the adoption, you should still have experienced counsel in your corner to help you understand your rights. If you don’t know the laws concerning adoption in your state, you might end up making a mistake you’ll regret. Adoption attorneys can be found in the yellow pages or referred by a doctor or other individual.

Putting Your Child Up For Adoption: Have Someone to Lean On

No matter how much you feel that you are making the right decision, putting your child up for adoption is never easy. Make sure that you have someone with you when you make decisions and are going through labor. If you don’t have a husband or boyfriend by your side, solicit the confort and help of a friend or family member. Ask that they help you make important decisions and that they be by your side for emotional support. You can also seek counseling or psychiatric help from a professional who can help you sort out your feelings.

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