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CLEVELAND – On Thursday afternoon, students of the new, blended East Tech High School screamed when recording star Trey Songz took the stage.

But he didn’t sing – he talked.

“I’m going to tell you what the rest of the world’s doing. They’re looking at you, and they’re counting you out. They’re looking at you as young and black – you’re not going to be anything. The minute that you succumb to that, the minute that you allow that to happen is the minute you’ve lost,” the singer said.

Songz was the most prominent person to take the stage trying to reach out to the students of the new East Tech.

The first concerns are security as evidence by metal detectors and x-ray machines placed in the school.

400 students from rivals South and East high are now here.

The merge is a concern for students. “It’s gonna be drama for real,” 11th grader Tomorrow Taylor told Fox 8 News.

But the goal is to keep the drama to a minimum and the violence to zero, and the schools’ CEO says the days of graduating less than half the classes, hopefully, are over.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to make you successful. This is our new day,” said Cleveland Schools CEO, Eugene Sanders.

Other speakers tried to get the students that come from three schools to see themselves as one school.

And yet, when local radio personality Basheer Jones, a Cleveland schools graduate, asked the students how many knew someone close to them who had been killed recently, it appeared that almost half of the students raised their hands.

He said teachers and the administrators must work with kids who come to school as a refuge.

“Some of them are going home and seeing their families being not only physically abused, but sexually abused, and verbally abused. Some of them are homeless,” said Jones.

Trey Songz reminded them, of how many people have overcome the odds.

“Whatever you want to be in here, you can be that,” Songz said. Source Fox8 News

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