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Rapper “The Game” receives text message from Lecrae sharing his thoughts on his new album ‘Jesus Piece,’ responding to a question if Game supporters would embrace him getting his Lecrae on for a whole album?

The Game states:

I wouldn’t even call it [“getting my Lecrae on].” Lecrae texted me the other day out of the blue – I don’t even know where he got my number from. I know of him, just never met him. And, he was sort of concerned with the way that some of the lyrics were coming across, and the portrayal of Jesus on the cover. But, after we finished having an in-depth text conversation; I explained my vision and what I was doing, and at the end of the text we didn’t necessarily agree but I told him good luck on his path and he wished me good luck on mine.

It’s awesome to see Lecrae have influence in the mainstream. Do you agree with Lecrae’s approach?

Recently, Chicago emcee Skrip released “It Is Written” a song that also addresses the issue and the distorted picture of Christ that Game, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Kanye West are painting to their listeners.


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