Grammy award winning recording artist and distinguished pastor, Smokie Norful to head into 2013 advocating, “Give Yourself Away” (GYA) a straightforward approach to living and giving.  Conceived over two years ago, Pastor Norful began preaching and teaching a series called “Giving God’s Way – the Gift of Generosity.”  Out of that series came the“Give Yourself Away” program that Norful will launch at his home ministry, Victory Cathedral Worship Center, encompassing teachings, outreach and action.

With a focus on altruism “Give Yourself Away,” will promote the notion that by blessing others, they can find blessings beyond their expectation.   Norful will kick things off at Victory Cathedral’s New Year’s Eve celebration service by announcing the GIVE40 plan. GIVE40 will engage members of Victory Cathedral and encourage them to volunteer 40 hours of their time and talents to local and regional organizations in need. Their goal is to log 100,000 Hours of Service in 2013.  Norful has big plans to help his member’s kick-start a lifestyle that will inherently include giving back.

Norful has a three-prong approach to “Give Yourself Away” incorporating the concepts of “Preaching, Teaching and Modeling.”  Along with his on-going series at Victory Cathedral revolving around our mandate as Christians to give, Norful encourages members to engage in ‘Acts of Random Kindness.’  Norful quietly began offering assistance last year culminated by gifting a local family in need with a new car.

“Having celebrated 10 years in the music industry as an artist, I reflect on ALL the many blessings God has given me and am excited about the generosity movement my church and I have undertaken, GYA.  Being a blessing to people is a huge passion of mine and I am encouraged that others are adopting and embracing the Christian responsibility to live out our divine purpose by blessing others,” said Pastor Norful. “My prayer and hope is that many will join me in this awesome venture by adopting a lifestyle of generosity and share their time, talent, and treasure.  There is no reward, nor fulfillment like seeing a life impacted by your generosity…nothing like it.”

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